Engaging with the Lab

We are committed to making learning actionable, collaborative, and client-centric. To make this happen, we need to connect with you - we want to understand more about what types of learning you need to take effective action.

Connecting with our users will also allow us to stay in the loop on what else is happening in the rural and agricultural finance space; we strive to complement, not duplicate, existing efforts.

Lastly, we believe that learning occurs in two directions. Some of the best learning will come not only from the Lab, but also be shared among users themselves. When you connect with us, we will work to connect you with a network of like-minded invididuals and organizations, as well as ask you to share your expertise. 

To engage with the Learning Lab, you can:

  • Discuss or comment on individual posts on the website
  • Participate in virtual and in-person workshops and gatherings (typically with an invitation)
  • Add your info to our contact list and receive occasional updates
  • Send direct messages to the Lab
  • Join the conversation on Twitter
  • Join the member-led Rural and Agricultural Finance group we have created on LinkedIn