Digitizing Agricultural Payments: Uganda's Coffee Value Chain

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June 26, 2018

The Digitizing Agricultural Payments publication, jointly published by CGAP and the United Nations Capital Development Fund, highlights how The United Nations Mobile Money for the Poor (MM4P) and Kyagalanyi Coffee Limited (KCL) created a system to digitize payments to KCL’s 6,000 certified farmers, in Uganda. In addition to addressing the complex dynamics of digitizing agricultural value chains, the paper illustrates how seven organizations from different sectors embarked on a three-year journey to digitize Uganda’s coffee value chain. The solutions they built and lessons they learned have fueled the digitization of several other agricultural value chains in Uganda—particularly, tea, dairy, and maize.

Although they haven’t fully reached all 2.8 million of their coffee farmers, the lessons learned from this project urged MM4P, MTN, and other mobile network operators to invest in digitizing multiple agriculture value chains in the country, which, in turn, has led to financial inclusion for numerous rural, low-income populations.

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