Governments can do more to unlock innovation and support market growth in the agricultural sector

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September 29, 2015

One Acre Fund makes the case for the government playing a central role in spurring innovation and growth in agriculture:

An efficient agricultural sector requires a well developed intersection of researchers, successful distributors of farm inputs, banks, farmers, providers of agricultural and business skills training, processors, and traders.

For an agricultural industry to flourish, the Once Acre Fund argues, players across the value chainneed to work together in both informal and formal and collaborations. Essential to these collaborations are public­/private partnerships, where governments work with businesses and NGOs to establish a long­term perspective, set clear objectives, and share risks.

In particular, there are five actions governments can take to foster innovation and growth across the agricultural value chain:

  1. Create a level playing field
  2. Develop transparent rules and regulations
  3. Fund “public goods” that catalyze innovation and sustainable growth
  4. Articulate clear national priorities for agricultural development that guide investment
  5. Develop institutions that allow non­government actors to engage in policy formation

Above all, consistent and genuine communication will ensure a lasting partnership among stakeholders. 

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One Acre Fund
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The OneAcre Fund seeks to expand access to financial services and training for smallholder farmers in Kenya, Rwanda, and Burundi, ultimately enabling 181,000 additional poor farm households to improve their farming techniques, and increase their profits on every planted acre.

One Acre fund will also encourage microfinance institutions to expand into rural areas, helping pioneer and augment the capacity of a new sector of microfinance.  And the partnership strengthens OneAcre's core MIS and M&E systems, enabling continued improvement to its program design and greater cost efficiency in its operations, as well as increasing bandwidth to capture the most accurate and compelling evidence of impact. 

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