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October 1, 2015

Welcome to the Rural and Agricultural Finance Learning Lab web portal.  The objectives of this site are to share actionable learnings with our users - who provide and support rural and agricultural finance - and to facilitate collaboration in learning and operations.

As of today's launch, the site includes details on the Learning Lab and its partners, some emerging findings from the Lab's data collection and analysis to date, highlighted articles and studies from our partners, posts from contributors, and select briefing notes from the Initiative for Smallholder Finance.  Users can also view upcoming events and start conversations with the Lab and each other.

Over the next six-plus years, users can follow the Lab's research and learnings from our partners and content contributors, which will be organized according to our learning agenda and to topics that become streamlined to reflect the demand and interests of our users.  In addition to exploring posts by content format, users can search by keyword or filter by variables like region or author.

In addition to analysis, media, and reports, the Lab plans to post datasets on an open platform for our users to analyze and contribute to.  

In our pursuit of our RAF learning agenda, we want the Lab to complement existing agricultural finance knowledge-sharing efforts such as:

It's important the this portal meets our users needs so we strongly encourage feedback as well as research and topic requests.  We look forward to collaborating with you to bring about financial solutions that improve the lives of smallholders and other rural clients.

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The Learning Lab works to identify and share knowledge relevant to our learning agenda and our users, but also to create new knowledge through research and facilitated learning. Original content from the Learning Lab includes news about the Lab, analyses we've conducted, knowledge products we've created, and posts we've written about other relevant initiatives.

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