Understanding the impact of rural and agricultural finance on clients

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December 17, 2015

The report following the Lab’s first deep dive exercise assesses our current understanding of the impact of financial products and services on smallholders and other rural clients, and proposes a path forward.  

At the impact level in our learning agenda, the Learning Lab is interested in how financial solutions contribute to poverty reduction and improved livelihoods for smallholder and rural households.  A Dalberg team looked at this question from theoretical, empirical, and methodological angles; i.e., how do we think about impact, what do we currently know about impact, and how do we measure impact.  Our findings include identified gaps in the evidence base, recommendations for future research and impact measurement.  

This report builds upon the literature review of RAF impact in Africa commissioned by the Lab and conducted by the Evans School Policy Analysis and Research Group (EPAR). The EPAR literature review is an important companion to this study, providing additional details on the evidence presented in Section 2, and is suggested reading for those interested in this report.

Users can read the 10-page executive summary or download the full report by clicking "download" below:

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